The Kübi Wallet - A Promising New Entrant to the Wallet Scene (First Look)


Kubi Wallet Kickstarter Blog Post

This blog post is a little unusual. It's actually about a wallet that we don't sell: the Kübi wallet.

That might seem a bit strange, but we're always on the lookout for good wallets. A great place to do that is to keep an eye on Kickstarter. When we saw that the Kübi wallet has just dropped, we got pretty excited.

In this blog post, we'll let you know why we're excited about the Kübi, and why you should be too! We'll also tell you how you can get your hands on one at a cheap price. 

The Kübi Wallet on Kickstarter 

Many of the top modern wallets (like Ekster, for example) started on Kickstarter. It's a platform that has seen some fantastic innovation, and hot product design. 

Of course, nobody can really tell if a product is any good until they actually have it in their hands, but the Kübi wallet looks very promising indeed. 

Kubi Wallet Copper Cash Strap

The Kübi ticks pretty much ALL of the main boxes for a modern wallet

Think about the non-negotiable things you'd want from a modern wallet: 

  • Good looks
  • Slim design
  • RFID protection
  • Easy card access
  • Easily stores notes

Yep, the Kübi does ALL of those and then, cheekily, throws in a load more too.

Leather... but VEGAN friendly

Here at Walletery we love a good leather wallet. Not only do they look and feel great, but they get better over time. 

As we know, though, these days a lot of people are becoming more conscious about sustainable and humane products. So it's exciting that the Kübi have decided to us a vegan-friendly microfibre leather, which they describe as 'buttery soft'. 

Kubi Wallet Humane Vegan Friendly Leather

It looks good, and if it has the feel and durability of normal leather, that will be an enormous selling point for us. 

Satisfying storage solutions

Whilst it's not the smallest or slimmest wallet out there, it does offer a good level of storage. 

First up: cards. The Kübi claims to carry up to 15 of them. That's on the high side, so it will be interesting to see how slim it can remain with them. The nice thing, however, is that it gives you RFID protection, and also includes a pull tab so you can easily access certain cards. 

Kubi Wallet Card Pull

Then there's cash. You don't have to fold it - which is a big plus. The design relies on a cash loop and the fold of the wallet to keep it in place. That's potentially a clever design, because it doesn't bulk the wallet out by using another layer of leather to hold the notes. 

Kubi Wallet Black Cash Strap Loop

One of the great features is that this wallet will accommodate tall notes - good to know that the tall-note countries (like the UK or Hong Kong) haven't been left out. 

Finally, the wallet also has space to carry a sim card or memory card. Although it's not a key feature for us, it's sure nice to have if you're travelling and need to swap cards often. 

Kubi Wallet Sim Memory Card Storage

Good looks and a cheeky little logo

At the moment there are only two colours: copper and black. 

Kubi Wallet Colours - Copper and Black

The designers say that, if the demand is there, they will look at developing more in the future. 

But the existing two look good to us, and it's the copper one that catches our eye the most.

We also want to give a little shout out to Kübi for their logo. It's a simple, pleasing - even cheeky - design they've got there. We've sometimes seen wallets ruined by embossing a logo that's too clunky or ostentatious. Hat-tip for not falling into that trap. 

You can back this wallet on Kickstarter

We love this project and have backed it on Kickstarter. When we receive our wallet we intend to do a full review of it. If it comes close to our expectations, it should be very exciting. 

Of course, you can wait and see what we think before you make any decisions - but that won't be until July 2020. Instead, if you want to back this project then head on over to Kickstarter and secure yourself one of the first copies of these wallets. 

And, if you're still reading then I've got one final piece of very good news for you: if you back it on Kickstarter then you get a wallet for an INSANELY LOW PRICE - we think it will normally sell for more than this. The super-duper early bird wallet starts from USD $19! 

The Kickstarter campaign for this managed to fully fund within 24 hours, and looks like it will overfund multiple times! Get involved, you've got until March 28 2020 to do it. 

The project can be found using this Kickstarter link: Kübi Wallet on Kickstarter

Kubi Wallet Kickstarter TimelineImages have been used on this page with the permission of Kübi goods - thanks guys :) 

Please note that there are risks that accompany investing in Kickstarter projects. Please do your own research and consider the information on the Kickstarter website itself. Walletery is not affiliated to Kübi goods. 


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