We're opening again soon!


Some of our customers will have noticed that we temporarily shut the business whilst the coronavirus lockdown rules made it difficult (and unwise) for us to carry on trading.

But, like The Spinners once sang, “I’ll be working my way back to you” (definitely listen to it as you read this blog), and we’re delighted to say we’re working our way back to business very soon! 


Why did we temporarily shut?

It’s simple: in light of the coronavirus crisis, we took the decision that it was best for our staff and customers if we took precautions and shut our store.

Luckily we’ve all been healthy and safe throughout the whole thing, but being based in the UK, it has been a rocky time. We wanted to do our part to support the health service and the wider community by doing the right thing and all staying home.


Why are we reopening?

With the lockdown rules easing to a point that is now safe to operate a business like ours, it’s time to get back to what we love to do: sell wallets.

Rest assured that we’re not taking our eye off the ball for one minute. We’re taking the necessary precautions in order to protect you and ourselves. We have a full hygiene procedure that we’re following, and our wallets are picked and packed in an environment that is monitored closely.

A beautiful pier on a sunny beach - something to look forward to one day

We can't wait to get back to normal times - something to look forward to.

Helping our brilliant customers

Thank you to those who got in touch with us over the time we were shut, we appreciate the concern. One of our motivations for getting back to it was to make sure we can get out there and carry on serving you.

We know that lock-down has been tough for a lot of people, and we hope that you’ve all been as safe and as healthy as can be throughout this thing.

We’re not out of the woods yet - there’s a still a long way to go in dealing with coronavirus across the world. But to celebrate this small step forward for our business and share a bit of love, anyone who reads this blog can use the code ‘welcomeback’ at checkout to get 10% off an order.


What date do we reopen?

Right now you can still browse our website, but you can't place an order.

That's all going to change next week - starting Monday 1 June - when we'll be back and taking orders. See you all then!

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