What's so great about Loft of Cambie Wallets?


Loft of Cambie was born in 2014, as a startup brand funded through Kickstarter. Their very first campaign, the WOLYT Sleeve, quickly over achieved its funding goal and, with that, the brand was born.

But what makes Loft of Cambie Wallets such a success? In this post we're going to share with you why we love them and why we think they're worth your attention.

Loft of Cambie Wallets Asia Travel

Laid-back, slimmed-down style

In our book, Loft of Cambie are one of the very best choices of wallets when you're looking for something a little less formal. They're also priced super-competitively. 

Maybe it's the laid-back style that comes from their base in Vancouver, Canada. Or maybe just the team's own eye for modern, functional design. Either way, their wallets have proved extremely popular. You don't successfully smash two kickstarter campaigns without great products! 

A small but perfectly formed product range

When you've got great products, you don't need a massive range.

Essentially they just have 2 products (3 if we want to count the backpack, but as we’re a wallet site, we’ll leave that to the backpack guys!):

  • The WOLYT Sleeve,

Both come with a RFID versions, and both are pitched at the slim-wallet audience. They might just have two wallets, but they're both beauties. 

The Loft of Cambie WOLYT Sleeve

Let's start with the WOLYT Sleeve as this is the one you’re most likely going to want for a night out. WE LOVE IT.

WOLYT Sleeve Loft of Cambie Tan

The WOLYT Sleeve, owned, in use and loved by one of the team here at Walletery!

It’s a true minimalist wallet! Everything from the amazing colour schemes to the key-ring loop. These are seriously well thought out accessories for you to slip a couple of cards in (it can take between 5 and 7 of them), as well as a couple of bills for that late night burger guy who only takes cash.

A combination of leather and ballistic nylon gives a high-quality feel to these very smart wallets...but they start at just US$35.

Wolyt Sleeve Loft of Cambie Classic Black/ Brown

Available in Classic Black / Brown

The Loft of Cambie FLIP WOLYT 

We'll be honest here, this is our favorite Loft of Cambie wallet. And possibly one of our favorite wallets of any brand!

It's got all of the features you'd expect from a slim wallet - it holds up to 7 cards without packing out. It also has a really smart pull-tab which pops up your most used card really neatly - no more fumbling for your bank card. It's a good looking wallet too: 

Flip Wolyt Loft of Cambie

But it has a stack of other features that really make it stand out above its slim-wallet competitors:

  • You don't have to fold your bills! You slip them behind the card/SIM card holder and they're secured with a neat triangle of leather in the bottom right corner. It’s a genius piece of design.
  • It has a discreet pouch for coins and keys. There aren't many slim wallets offering that, and even fewer do it this well.

Just check it out in action: 

The FLIP WOLYT has several great schemes to choose from (our favourite is the Sapphire Blue), you can’t go wrong with either of these, but it has to be said, at just US$16 more to trade up to the FLIP WOLYT from the WOLYT Sleeve, we think it’s a pretty easy decision on which one to go for!

Ballistic Nylon & RFID Protection

As we mentioned, both have RFID and non-RFID versions. 

Honestly, it's worth going for one of the RFID versions, as the minor extra cost is worth infinitely more for the piece of mind that you’re not being robbed in a crowded bar or on the metro. If it hasn’t happened to us, we all know someone who’s been that unlucky soul to get home from a night out only to find it has cost them considerably more than they had budgeted for.

We like the attention to detail too. Aside from the full-grain cow leather, they've combined with with 'ballistic nylon'. It's a material that's so strong and durable that it was originally developed for use in Flak Jackets in World War 2! Bottom line: you're getting a great piece of craftsmanship that should comfortably last you for years! 

WOLYT Sleeve Loft of Cambie Ballistic Nylon Black

Check out the Wolyt Sleeve in Heather Black! That's some good looking ballistic nylon.

Check out the Loft of Cambie Wallet range on Walletery.com

We stock both the WOLYT SLEEVE and FLIP WOLYT here at Walletery. They're both popular wallets and we hold them in stock, ready for speedy dispatch around the world - many of our customers are based in Hong Kong and Asia. 

To shop the collection and for more detail, check out: https://walletery.com/collections/loft-of-cambie

As always, if you need any advice or have any questions, get in touch! We'd love to hear from you.

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