Why You Need a Bellroy Business Travel Wallet


At Walletery, we’re massive fans of Bellroy.

Coming out of the same part of the world which gave us R.M. Williams and their quality leather products, Bellroy continues the tradition of beautifully crafted and functional goods.

Bellroy Man with Travel Wallet

What is it we like most about Bellroy? There are so many things to choose from:

  • the outstanding quality of the leather
  • the sleek but robust design
  • the range of options - Bellroy have got everything from daily wallets, to business card holders, to RFID wallets and travel wallets.

In particular we love their travel wallets and that's what we're going to focus in on in this blog!

Why do I need a travel wallet?

Whether for business or leisure, a travel wallet is still an essential piece of kit. Having everything you need on your phone is one thing, but there is no substitute for having everything at hand, in one place…and besides, there is no e-replacement for our passport, yet.

A wallet to carry everything is a useful tool. Being able to keep our cards, passport and cash in one single wallet, makes travel that much more relaxing. Gone are the times you need to fumble around for various documents along your way.

Storage in Bellroy Travel Wallet

We all travel a little differently. Some of us will have a credit card used for travel only; some of us will prefer to carry cash; some of us will have a combination of cash and cards.

However we travel, keeping bulk to a minimum is essential and Bellroy specialises in slim, elegant solutions that will suit every traveller. 

Smart features for a better travel experience

Security is of course a concern when we travel. There is nothing more stressful than being the victim of fraud when away from home.

Being in a different part of the world only adds to the stress.

The Bellroy Travel Wallet includes RFID protection to keep you as safe as possible and give you one less thing to worry about.

Another handy feature is that a small pen and refills are included with the wallet as well as space for a local sim card as well as ejector pin. A truly minimalist wallet design!

Bellroy Travel Wallet Pen

The beauty of this wallet? It keeps all this in the smallest possible space. In an era where we travel with a phone, a tablet, a laptop, headphones, different chargers and cables as well as adaptors, it is nice to have something which is actually reducing space.

Walletery’s top tip: for classic style, choose Caramel (pictured below) over Black. It goes with everything, looks better as it ages and will never go out of fashion.

Bellroy Travel Wallet Caramel

We just can't get enough of it!

Shop the Bellroy Travel Wallet on Walletery.

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