Why you should get a TROVE Slim Wallet


As this goes to press, TROVE wallets are available for as low as US$28.50. Twenty Eight Dollars and Fifty Cents!!!

That's a great price for one of our best known and loved wallets.

Here at Walletery we know the guys who make it. We’ve visited the factory; we’ve seen the benches; we’ve seen the tools. They are the real deal.

TROVE Wallets - the Best of the UK and Italy Combined

Manufactured in the UK using Italian leather and elastic, TROVE brings together a match of great materials and dependable craftsmanship.

It cannot be denied that both countries have a history of creating beautiful consumer goods throughout the ages and TROVE continues this tradition.

They've proved so popular that we've sent these wallets from the factory here in the UK, all the way to Hong Kong, India, the US and beyond.  

Trove Swift Wallet in CafeThe TROVE Swift - Grey

Simple, well-priced wallets are the order of the day at TROVE. With them being so affordable, and coming in such a variety of colours, you could easily pick out several for different occasions. 

Need a contemporary, business-like wallet for work? No problem: look at the TROVE Noir. Or the TROVE Swift in Grey, pictured above. 

Outside the office and away from the boss, look at the TROVE Fisherman or the TROVE Explorer for vibrant style and to express a little more personality.

Two Great TROVE wallet designs: the Swift and Reflex

Two products form the key pillars of the TROVE collection: the Reflex (below, on the left) and the Swift (on the right):

TROVE Reflex and Swift Wallets

They're both simple, unfussy mixes of leather and elastic that wrap neatly round your cards, creating a secure pouch for storing your notes. Wallets don't come much more minimalist than this.

They might look similar with their almost origami-style folding and quality materials, but in our book the Swift is worth the extra money for its handy pull-tab. This makes it so much quicker getting to your cards - they don't call it the Swift for nothing! 

One bonus feature that sometimes flies under the radar with TROVE is that the wallets are reversible. That's two wallets for the price of one. A little bored of your colour scheme? Turn it inside out to change it up for a few weeks.

The TROVE Coin Caddy - for that extra storage

The Reflex and Swift are truly minimalist. But what about people who like to carry a bit more - especially a few coins.

Don't worry coin-lovers, TROVE has got you covered here with its Coin Caddy:

TROVE Coin Caddy Cafe

The TROVE Coin Caddy

This Wallet has got a lot to love about it. It provides ample storage: up to 10 cards, folded notes, tickets and of course coins. Plus it comes with button-down leather covering and a pull-tab for the most-used cards.

They've packed a lot into this little wallet.  

TROVE - a Treasure of the Slim Wallet Scene

In a nutshell, these great little wallets are a brilliant alternative to a traditional design. Ditch the old-man look for this minimalist pocket-companion.

Whether it's a night out or daily use, if you're able to reduce your carry and want something affordable, with that touch of flair, there's something in the TROVE range perfect for you.

We're here at Walletery to help you find your perfect Wallet. If you want help or advice picking out the best TROVE - or any other brand - just get in touch with our team who will be happy to help. 

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