Below FAQ are some common concerns of our customers before purchasing , if you have other questions, please just send it to

FREE delivery to all locations!

Our products are 100% authentic ! They are directly obtained from suppliers locally or overseas, so you don't have to worry about purchasing counterfeit products !  

If the product is unused, and/or found to be defected, refunds can be made within 30 days from the date of purchase.
Please email us at and show the proof of purchase (i.e. receipt, credit card records, customer service card, etc.).
Original packing and all accessories included must be returned in its original condition. 

Products available for refunds are limited to those paid for by cash or card.
Products which have been used, with stain or washed cannot be refunded. For products that have been purchased for more than 30 days, refunds will not be offered and only maintenance and repair services will be available.

For any product defects besides natural wear and tear, improper use, or accidents after you have received your product, 
your product will be refundable. The warranty service shall be provided directly by the vendor.

Definitely! Every product we sell are packed by vendors at the finest condition, don't worry!
If you need additional wrapping as a present for your loved ones, just email us at and we will try our best to set it into motion! :)

Currently, we accept paypal, VISA card, MASTER card, American Express, and many other major debit/credit cards with over 135 currencies. For the full list, please visit

Definitely YES ! Please email us at and our team member will contact you as early as possible.



香港區一律免費送貨 * ^ (7-10 個工作日)。 
國際標準交付 (7-14 個工作日): USD$ 13
國際快遞 (1-3 個工作日內): USD$ 40 

* 偏遠地區可能需要繳付額外費用,根據物流商定義為準。 ^ 不適用於預訂貨品。

我們的產品全部為 100% 真貨 !它們都是直接從本地或海外的認可供應商購入,所以您不必擔心購買假冒產品 !

如果產品是未使用的和/或發現有瑕疵,可以從購買之日起 30 日內辦理退貨手續。
請發送電子郵件和證明購買 (即收據、 刷卡記錄、 客戶服務卡等)到

產品已被使用、染色或洗後便不能退貨。對於已購買 30 天以上的產品,將不會提供退款,但仍可享用保養和維修服務。

當您已收到產品並發現有任何缺陷(不包括因人為、自然磨損、 使用不當、意外), 

絕對是 !我們的供應商已把產品包裝至最佳狀態來迎接新主人,保證您無需擔心 !
如果您需要額外包裝作為禮物送給您所愛的人,只需傳送電子郵件給我們,我們將盡力協助您 !:)

目前,我們接受paypal、 VISA卡、 萬事達卡、 美國運通和許多其他主要貸記卡/信用卡、超過 135 貨幣。完整清單,請訪問

我們無任歡迎 !請傳送電子郵件到,我們的團隊成員會盡快聯繫您。


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